Peek-a-boo into the Blue Flashcards

Rs. 399

Peek-a-boo into the Blue

Fact-filled, Creatures of the sea themed memory card game!
This is a level up from usual memory card games indeed!
All you need to do is match the 18 pairs of sea animals.
But here’s the twist, you either match the top of the animal to the bottom, or the mamma to the baby!
Every time you discover a new animal, your matching card will tell you something about it!
What are you waiting for, can you find the other Half of the shark quickly!?

It comes in a travel-friendly size so that you can carry fun times in your pocket! 

How to play :

Pre-Readers: Just keep the cards face up, or face down and form the image of the sea animals. Top to bottom, or momma to baby

Early Readers: Every time you match the cards, learn the name of the animals

Readers: The readers get to discover trivia about all their favorite sea animals!

Product Details : 

* 36 cards, 350 gsm matte laminated 
* Size of each card - 3.5 x 3.5 inches
* Front and back printed 
* Comes in a hardbound box

Ships in 1-2 days

Proudly made in India!

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