0-6 months - New Born Combo
0-6 months - New Born Combo
0-6 months - New Born Combo
0-6 months - New Born Combo
0-6 months - New Born Combo
0-6 months - New Born Combo

0-6 months - New Born Combo

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Combo Contains

1 x Into the Wild Card

1 x Swaddle

1 x Infant Album

Into the Wild Card

This is not just any SNAP & Memory game. 

This is going to be your Child’s favourite fast action packed card game that teaches them about different animal classifications (mammals, reptiles etc) and you can also divide them up by habitats (forest, tundra etc.) 

Sort them by habitats, or sort them by the kind of animal, match them in pairs or a fast paced SNAP with multi players. Before you know it, they are going to tell you that a Mammal can live on both tundra regions and water, or that a bird can be aquatic too. 

Product Details

50 Cards (48 animals + 2 instructions)

350 gsm matte laminated 

Size  2.9 x 4.1 inches

Comes in a hardbound box to with stand little kids 

Ages 2+


Infant Album

Baby’s first milestone photo album

This beautifully illustrated album comes along with 6 empty frames with
motifs for you to put anything that you want and 6 empty milestone frames
from day 1 to year 1. It can be kept away as a keepsake or kept on
display propped up. 

Make your baby’s first year doubly special with this album that is a great
way to record your little one’s memories!

A fan folded photo album which display’s 12 photographs
makes for a wonderful gift to families with a baby and to grandparents
with the album filled in as a gorgeous loving keepsake!

Product Details:
Size of product: 5.8” x 7.7”
Material: Card stock



We may buy a hundred things for our babies. But that first swaddle, the one that they are tuckered in for the first time after they are born? That is a lifetime's memory. 

A fabric that we look for with love and hope, brings them to the world and stays with us forever. The fabric we pick up much after our children have grown up as it still carries their scent and warmth. 

We have rolled all the cottony goodness of the world, gorgeous prints and our love and wishes into this. Here it is. Your baby's first swaddle.

The soft cloud for your baby and a memory for you to last a lifetime.

Size : 48 x 48 inches 

Material : 100% Organic Cotton

Ships in 7-10 days!  

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