Why Choose us?

 At Wildpaper, we design nature centric early learning products that help kids develop their cognitive skills, motor skills, early literacy skills, language development and most importantly curiosity to question and learn! Our products tend to instil in them a life-long appreciation for all things nature and the world around us. We exist because we believe that, the more little minds learn about the world, the more they give back to it. 


Who we are

To you from us - Vaishnavi

Did you know that children vastly develop during their first 7 years which is incomparable to what they learn for the rest of their lives?  It took becoming a mom to recognise most of the things that were never taught to us about raising children.  Here are some of the most fascinating things we have learnt together in this family:

1.New borns can only see in black and white ? Using high contrast images help in their visual development and focus at that stage.

2.How children process information is how we learnt to build machine learning. They see all the images, recognise patterns, categorise them, connect them and label them. All these happen in a span of years even before they can fully process speech

3.Repetition and pattern recognition are great tools to develop early cognitive skills

As a designer/ illustrator, I was just mildly fascinated about child  & brain development when Bhumi was born (2017). But seeing him grow made me realise the potential of what can be taught to a child in the early years that would broaden how they perceive the world around them in the future. They don’t have to rush to read and write, there’s so much more to be done before they even do that. 

They listen before they learn to talk, they are always processing information!  

This got our entire family to work on something we hold dear. To show children the world around us. They don’t need math and logic to understand love and life. This made us decide to concentrate on revolving everything we create around Life, the universe and nature to put it simply.

Wildpaper’s scope expanded as we learned along with Bhumi and now Nakshatra who was born in 2019. Them and my husband Giri are now the team behind our creations. They help choose subjects, test products and tell me how a design looks and works! This endeavour did great things to our children, and it only felt right to share this with all the tiny ones around the world!