"I bought them for my 2 year old due to quirky illustrations and a wide variety of concepts covered.  What we love the most about Wildpaper products is the versatility. We've used the cards for more than a dozen different types of activities. And my now 4 year old still goes back to them and has researched about many living creatures thanks to a spark initiated by Wildpaper posters."
-Vaishali Karthikeyan 


"I've been investing in Wildpaper products for years now. My babies have literally grown up with products and toys from Wildpaper. What we love is how simple, attractive and educative all WP products are. Mustn't forget to add that they are super economical and last long despite rough handling. Our favourites have to be the animals that Vaish has made over time. Fans forever!"
- Anjana Danavandhan


"The kids spend a lot of time outdoors which translates to we started seeing things that interested them so much we started questions. The only products that reflected our interests at the time were makingwildpaper posters. We have them in the room and both the 6 yo and the 3 yo constantly pull it down to discuss, identify and argue over the names. Our current favorites are the space and insect posters and they kids love to go back to them.My favourite part about them are how they can be used for everything from 'i spy' to memory to match games! Thanks Vaishnavi for bringing these out in time to match our interests"
- Maushimi Prakasham


"Wildpaper's merchandise are unique in a number of ways. Apart from being an original artwork , its colourful and super informative that grows with the child. From babyhood to elementary seamlessly. Best investment I ever made."
-Ranjani Suri